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Working with the member panel

To make changes to your account, select CLUB LOGIN (WINE CLUB).

Please note then when using your phone, you may need to scroll to the bottom of the site to find what you are looking for.




You will receive a notification one week before releases are shipped or made available for pickup.


Our winemakers make selections for your release, but members can make adjustments to their order by adding extra bottles and at some levels changing the wines they receive.

You can view the wines in your release by following the instructions below as well.

To adjust the wines in your cart, follow these steps once you are on the Club Login page:



You may wish to use your discount to purchase wine during the year outside of wine club releases.

Always login to your account before exploring the website.  There are pages and wines that may not appear unless you are logged in as a club member.

If you are buying wine outside of a wine club release, this is like any other shopping experience with a web based store.


Changing club levels?

This is one change that you can't make in the membership area.  If you wish to move into a different club level, please reach out to to make those changes.

Other details

Loyalty Points

As a wine club member, you are accumulating points every time you make a purchase.  You can check your point status at any time by logging into your account throught the club login page.  

To use your points, reach out to

2020 Wine CLub Events

Wine club release versus shopping cart orders

Wine club orders are batch processed so that we are able to get through every wine club order efficiently and quickly.  In order for that to happen, the software we use for our club shipments creates an order for every club member.  That makes a different experience for you, as a club member, than the ordinary shopping experience of popping onto a site, collecting what you wish to purchase in your cart, and checking out.  For that reason, we request that you follow the instructions above for selecting wines during the spring and fall wine club releases.

We know that human error is a factor and encourage you to use the member section of this site to make any changes that you can.  This will help us to ensure that you receive the wines you have requested, to the place you wish to receive them, and in the most hassle free way possible.

When you wish to order outside of the May & October release, just login to your account, purchase any wines available in the WINE section of the site and check out.